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Soul Eater Season 1 Episode 51

As the two realize that the kishin was still undefeatable, Asura confronts Maka and Soul. Maka’s last hope of defeating Asura was her anti-demon wavelength and demon hunter. But still Asura can deflect all of her attacks. As Asura shoots at her, Soul blocked the shot himself to defend his partner and knocking him unconscious. Maka attacked him and was easily defeated, as Asura was going to finish the job, he noticed that Maka has developed the ability to transform into a weapon. Still Asura can deflect her attacks, but Maka was relieved since she’s not afraid of anything now, giving her more courage that causes the Kishin to wonder what courage means. Asura felt fear as Maka was approaching him and giving her last blow. She punched the kishin’s face, and the kishin was defeated. Everyone regained consciousness, and felt very thankful that the kishin was gone, except for Kid who was still worrying even if Maka defeated Asura, the future Kishin will be born. Maka was not worried at all since everyone has courage inside their hearts. The episode ended with Maka jumping at her friends.

Serie: Soul Eater


Episode Title: The Word Is Bravery!

Air Date: 2009-03-30


Soul Eater Season 1 Episode 51